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Xcode Overview

Measuring Performance

The Instruments app, which is included with Xcode, gathers data from your running app and presents it in a graphical timeline. With Instruments, you can gather data about performance areas such as your app’s memory usage, disk activity, network activity, and graphics operations. By viewing the data together, you can analyze different aspects of your app’s performance to identify potential areas of improvement. You can also automate the testing of your iOS app’s user interface elements.

There are several ways to start Instruments from Xcode. For example:

  • Click the Profile in Instruments button from a debug gauge report.

  • Choose Product > Profile.

  • Specify an Instrument in the Profile action for a scheme.

The Instruments app uses individual data collection modules, known as instruments, to gather data about a process over time. The Instruments app includes a library of templates. Each template contains instruments for obtaining a set of related information. The following figure shows the template selection that is displayed when you launch instruments for an app.

image: ../Art/instrument_templates_2x.png

After running a session, the Instruments window shows all the data for each instrument and provides many ways to explore the data.

image: ../Art/instruments_window_2x.png

For more detailed information, see Performance Overview and Instruments User Guide.