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Xcode Overview

Using the Workspace Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the workspace window provides quick access to frequently used commands. The Run button builds and runs your products. The Stop button terminates your running code. The Scheme menu lets you configure the products you want to build and run. The activity viewer shows the progress of tasks currently executing by displaying status messages, build progress, and other information about your project.

The editor configuration buttons let you configure the editor area. For more information, see Configuring the Editor Area. The workspace configuration buttons hide or show the optional navigator, debug, and utilities areas as shown in Workspace Window Overview.

image: ../Art/XC_O_Toolbar_2x.png

For detailed information on each of the items in the toolbar, see About the Main Window Toolbar in Xcode Basics Help.

The View menu includes commands to hide or show the toolbar.

image: ../art/ViewMenu.pdf