Using iOS 3.0 and later, VoiceOver is available to help users with visual impairments use their iOS-based devices. The UI Accessibility programming interface, introduced in iOS 3.0, helps developers make their applications accessible to VoiceOver users. Briefly, VoiceOver describes an application’s user interface and helps users navigate through the application’s views and controls, using speech and sound. Users familiar with VoiceOver in Mac OS X can leverage their experience to help them quickly come up to speed using VoiceOver on their devices.

iPhone applications that run in iOS 3.0 and later should be accessible to VoiceOver users. iOS and the iOS SDK support this goal by:

If you’re developing or updating an iPhone application, you should read this document to learn how to make your application accessible to VoiceOver users.

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This document used to contain information related to testing your app’s accessibility experience with VoiceOver and Accessibility Inspector. That content has moved to a dedicated document titled Verifying App Accessibility on iOS.