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Xcode Server API Reference

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The Xcode Server API Reference is the underlying interface for Xcode Server.


Use HTTPS to make all Xcode Server requests.

UTF-8 Encoding

Every string passed to and from the Xcode Server API needs to be UTF-8 encoded.

Error Handling

Errors are returned using standard HTTP error code syntax. Any additional info is included in the body of the response, JSON-formatted:

  1. {
  2. "status": 401,
  3. "message": "Unauthorized: invalid credentials"
  4. }

List of supported error codes:

  1. 400: Bad Request
  2. 401: Unauthorized
  3. 403: Forbidden
  4. 404: Not Found
  5. 409: Conflict
  6. 410: Gone
  7. 500: Internal Server Error
  8. 501: Not Implemented
  9. 502: Bad Gateway
  10. 503: Service Unavailable
  11. 523: Service is not Enabled
  12. 530: Client unsupported.
  13. 531: ACL expansion not yet completed.
  14. 532: Service maintenance task active


The version is set in the header using X-XCSAPIVersion. If you omit this property, Xcode Server assumes the latest version.

Request Headers

All Xcode Server responses contain the version number of the API that the server supports. The version number is set in the response header using X-XCSAPIVersion.


The section contains detailed information about the contents and meaning of the various payload structures used in Xcode Server requests and responses.

Document ID and Revision

Xcode Server stores the data in documents. Each document in CouchDB has at least two properties: _id and _rev.

  • _id is a unique identifier that makes the document unique.

  • _rev is a value that changes every time the document is modified.