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Chapter 4 - Alias Manager / Alias Manager Reference
Data Structures

Alias Records

Alias records are defined by the AliasRecord data type.

TYPE AliasRecord  =
   userType:   OSType;        {application's signature}
   aliasSize:  Integer;       {size of record when created}
   {variable-length private data}
Field Description
A 4-byte field that can contain application-specific data. When an alias record is created, this field contains 0. Your application can use this field for its own purposes. Typically you should store your application's signature here.
The size, in bytes, assigned to the alias record at the time of its creation or updating. This is the total size of the record, including the userType and aliasSize fields, as well as the variable-length data that is private to the Alias Manager.
Following these two fields is a variable-length block of data maintained privately by the Alias Manager.

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