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Inside Macintosh:

QuickDraw GX Objects

Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Objects gets you started with QuickDraw GX, the object-based graphics programming environment. Read this book before any others in the QuickDraw GX suite to learn how to create powerful and flexible graphics and text-handling applications.

Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Objects starts with an overall introduction to QuickDraw GX and its objects, and then describes how you can create and draw graphical elements using the fundamental object types: shape objects, style objects, ink objects, color-related objects, transform objects, view-related objects, tag objects. After reading this book, consult the following books for specific applications of QuickDraw GX objects:

For information on the QuickDraw GX programming environment and several supporting utilities, see Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities. For information on creating printing extensions and printer drivers that work with QuickDraw GX, see Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Printing Extensions and Drivers.

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