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Chapter 5 - Icon Utilities

Using the Icon Utilities

This section explains how you can use routines in the Icon Utilities to draw icons in your application's windows (or dialog boxes and menu items if needed).

Most of the Icon Utilities routines are available only in System 7 and later. To
determine whether they are available, call the Gestalt function with the gestaltIconUtilitiesAttr selector and check the value of the response parameter. If the bit indicated by the constant gestaltIconUtilitiesPresent
is set, then the Icon Utilities are available.

gestaltIconUtilitiesAttr      = 'icon';   {Icon Utils attributes}
gestaltIconUtilitiesPresent   = 0;        {check this bit in the }
                                          { response parameter}
The GetIcon, PlotIcon, GetCIcon, PlotCIcon, and DisposeCIcon routines are available in both System 6 and System 7.

Drawing Icons in an Icon Family
Drawing Icons That Are Not Part of an Icon Family

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