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Chapter 5 - Icon Utilities / Icon Utilities Reference
Icon Utilities Routines / Converting an Icon Mask to a Region


You can use the IconSuiteToRgn function to convert, to a region, the icon mask in an icon suite. You specify a rectangle as one of the parameters to this function. IconSuiteToRgn determines, from the size of the specified rectangle, which mask from the icon suite to convert. Once it has determined which icon mask to convert, IconSuiteToRgn uses the specified rectangle as the bounding box of the region.

FUNCTION IconSuiteToRgn (theRgn: RgnHandle; iconRect: Rect; 
                         align: IconAlignmentType; 
                         theIconSuite: Handle): OSErr;
IconSuiteToRgn returns a handle to the requested region in this parameter. You must allocate memory for the region handle before calling IconSuiteToRgn.
The rectangle in which the icon is to be drawn, specified in local coordinates of the current graphics port. IconSuiteToRgn uses this rectangle as the bounding box of the region. IconSuiteToRgn determines, from the size of the rectangle specified in this parameter, which icon mask to use from the icon suite.
A value that specifies how IconSuiteToRgn should align the region within the rectangle. See the description of PlotIconSuite on page 5-35 for a list of constants you can use in this parameter.
A handle to an icon suite.
The IconSuiteToRgn function modifies the region referred to by the handle in the theRgn parameter. The returned region corresponds to the icon's mask (the mask defined by either an 'ICN#' or 'ics#' entry in an icon suite, according to the rectangle and alignment specified in the iconRect and align parameters).

noErr0No error
noMaskFoundErr-1000No mask found

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