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Chapter 5 - Icon Utilities / Icon Utilities Reference
Icon Utilities Routines

Working With Icon Caches

All the Icon Utilities routines that accept a handle to an icon suite also accept a handle to an icon cache. An icon cache is like an icon suite except that it also contains a pointer
to an application-defined icon getter function and a pointer to data that can be used as a reference constant. An icon cache typically does not contain handles to the icon resources for all icon family members. Instead, if the icon cache does not contain an entry for a specific type of icon in an icon family, the Icon Utilities routines call your application's icon getter function to retrieve the data for that icon type.

You can use the routines described in this section to create and manipulate icon caches. To create an empty icon cache, you can use the MakeIconCache function, much as you use the NewIconSuite function to create an empty icon suite. Before drawing an icon in an icon cache, you can use the LoadIconCache function to load icon data for a specified destination rectangle, bit depth of the display device, and alignment.

To get and set the data associated with an icon cache or the icon getter function used with an icon cache, you can use the GetIconCacheData, SetIconCacheData, GetIconCacheProc, and SetIconCacheProc functions.


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