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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 6 - Component Manager / Component Manager Reference
Routines for Components

Calling Other Components

The Component Manager provides two techniques that allow a component to call other components. First, your component may invoke the services of another component using the standard mechanisms also used by applications. The Component Manager then passes the requests to the appropriate component, and your component receives the results of those requests.

Second, your component may supplement its capabilities by using the services of another component to directly satisfy application requests. The Component Manager provides the DelegateComponentCall function, which allows your component to pass a request to a specified component. For example, you might want to create two similar components that provide different levels of service to applications. Rather than completely implementing both components, you could design one to rely on the capabilities of the other. In this manner, you have to implement only that portion of the more capable component that provides additional services.


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