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Chapter 7 - Translation Manager / Translation Manager Reference
Translation Manager Routines / Getting Translation Information


You can use the ExtendFileTypeList function to create a list of file types that can be translated into a type in a given list. The Standard File Package calls this function internally; your application probably won't need to use it.

FUNCTION ExtendFileTypeList (originalTypeList: FileTypePtr; 
                             numberOriginalTypes: Integer; 
                             extendedTypeList: FileTypePtr; 
                             VAR numberExtendedTypes: Integer) 
                             : OSErr;
A pointer to a list of file types.
The number of file types in originalTypeList.
On exit, a pointer to a list of file types that can be translated into the types in originalTypeList.
On entry, the maximum number of file types that can be put into the extendedTypeList parameter. On exit, the actual number of file types put into the extended type list.
The ExtendFileTypeList function takes the set of types in the originalTypeList parameter and returns (in the extendedTypeList parameter) a list of types that can be translated into those types. The extendedTypeList parameter is of type FileTypePtr, which is a pointer to a file type.

   FileTypePtr    = ^FileType;
Note that the number of types specified in the parameters numberOriginalTypes and numberExtendedTypes is limited only by available memory.

The ExtendFileTypeList function is not available in all versions of system software; use the Gestalt function to determine whether the Translation Manager is available before calling it.

The ExtendFileTypeList function might cause memory to be moved or purged; you should not call it at interrupt time.

The trap macro and routine selector for the ExtendFileTypeList procedure are
Trap macroSelector

noErr0No error

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