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Chapter 8 - Control Panels / Control Panels Reference

The Rectangle Positions Resource

Your control panel can consist of one or more rectangles. To define a list of rectangles that determine the display area for your control panel, create a rectangle positions resource of type 'nrct'. A rectangle positions resource must have a resource ID
of -4064. Figure 8-17 shows the structure of a compiled rectangle positions resource.

Figure 8-17 Structure of a compiled rectangle positions ('nrct') resource

A compiled version of a rectangle positions resource contains these elements:

To provide for backward compatibility with the Control Panel desk accessory, the Finder accepts only the coordinates (-1,87) as the origin of a control panel. If you are designing for System 7 only, you can extend the bottom and right edges of a control panel as far as you like. If you want your control panel to run in System 7 and previous versions of system software, you must limit your control panel's size to the area bounded by
(-1,87,255,322). These are the coordinates used by the Control Panel desk accessory.

In System 6, the Control Panel desk accessory draws a frame that is 2 pixels wide around each rectangle. To join two parts of a panel neatly, overlap their rectangles by 2 pixels on the side where they meet.

For more information about the rectangle positions resource, see "Defining the Control Panel Rectangles" beginning on page 8-15.

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