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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 9 - Desktop Manager / Desktop Manager Reference
Routines / Locating, Opening, and Closing the Desktop Database


The PBDTCloseDown function is used by system software to close the desktop database, though your application should never do this itself. PBDTCloseDown runs synchronously only, and though it will not close down the desktop databases of remote volumes, it will invalidate all local DTRefNum values for remote desktop databases.

FUNCTION PBDTCloseDown (paramBlock: DTPBPtr): OSErr;
A pointer to a desktop parameter block.
\xAE ioResultOSErrThe result code of the function.
-->ioDTRefNumIntegerThe desktop database reference number.

The PBDTCloseDown function closes the database specified in ioDTRefNum and frees all resources allocated by PBDTOpenInform or PBDTGetPath.

Applications should not call PBDTCloseDown. The system software closes the database when the volume is unmounted.
noErr0No error
ioErr-36I/O error
rfNumErr-51Reference number invalid
extFSErr-58External file system--file system identifier is nonzero

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