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Inside Macintosh: Processes
Chapter 6 - Deferred Task Manager / Deferred Task Manager Reference

Data Structure

The deferred task queue is a standard operating-system queue. The DeferredTask data type defines an element in the deferred task queue.

TYPE DeferredTask =
   qLink:      QElemPtr;   {next queue entry}
   qType:      Integer;    {queue type}
   dtFlags:    Integer;    {reserved}
   dtAddr:     ProcPtr;    {pointer to task}
   dtParm:     LongInt;    {optional parameter passed in A1}
   dtReserved: LongInt;    {reserved; should be 0}
Field Description
A pointer to the next entry in the deferred task queue, or NIL if there are no more entries in the queue. You do not need to set this field; the Deferred Task Manager does it for you.
The queue type. You must set this field to ORD(dtQType).
A pointer to the task to be executed. Set this field to the address of the routine that you want to execute after interrupts have been enabled.
An optional parameter that is loaded into register A1 just before the routine specified by the dtAddr field is executed.
Reserved. You should set this field to 0.

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