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Inside Macintosh: Processes
Chapter 8 - Shutdown Manager

Using the Shutdown Manager

The Shutdown Manager provides four procedures. The procedures ShutDwnPower and ShutDwnStart perform the same set of shutdown tasks, except that ShutDwnPower turns off a Macintosh computer, whereas ShutDwnStart restarts it. The ShutDwnInstall routine installs a custom shutdown procedure to perform a certain task before the computer shuts down or restarts. The ShutDwnPower or ShutDwnRestart routine calls your shutdown procedure at a predetermined point during the shutdown or restart process. The last procedure, ShutDwnRemove, removes custom shutdown procedures installed by ShutDwnInstall.

Usually, only the Finder or other system software should call ShutDwnPower and ShutDwnInstall. An application calling these procedures will cause other open applications to terminate abruptly, potentially destroying their data. ·

Sending a Shutdown or Restart Event
Installing a Custom Shutdown Procedure

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