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Inside Macintosh: Processes
Chapter 2 - Process Manager / Process Manager Reference

Launch Options

When you use the LaunchApplication function, you specify the launch options in the launchControlFlags field of the launch parameter block. These are the constants you can specify in the launchControlFlags field:

   launchContinue          = $4000;
   launchNoFileFlags       = $0800;
   launchUseMinimum        = $0400;
   launchDontSwitch        = $0200;
   launchInhibitDaemon     = $0080;
Constant descriptions

Set this flag if you want your application to continue after the specified application is launched. If you do not set this flag, LaunchApplication terminates your application after launching the specified application, even if the launch fails.

Set this flag if you want the LaunchApplication function to ignore any value specified in the launchFileFlags field. If you set the launchNoFileFlags flag, the LaunchApplication function extracts the Finder flags from the application file for you. If you want to supply the file flags, clear the launchNoFileFlags flag and specify the Finder flags in the launchFileFlags field of the launch parameter block.

Clear this flag if you want the LaunchApplication function to attempt to launch the application in the preferred size (as specified in the application's 'SIZE' resource). If you set the launchUseMinimum flag, the LaunchApplication function attempts to launch the application using the largest available size greater than or equal to the minimum size but less than the preferred size. If the LaunchApplication function returns the result code memFullErr or memFragErr, the application cannot be launched under the current memory conditions.

Set this flag if you do not want the launched application brought to the front. If you set this flag, the launched application runs in the background until the user brings the application to the front--for example, by clicking in one of the application's windows. Note that most applications expect to be launched in the foreground. If you clear the launchDontSwitch flag, the launched application is brought to the front, and your application is sent to the background.

Set this flag if you do not want LaunchApplication to launch a background-only application. (A background-only application has the onlyBackground flag set in its 'SIZE' resource.)

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