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Inside Macintosh: Processes
Chapter 2 - Process Manager / Process Manager Reference
Data Structures

Application Parameters Record

You specify an application parameters record in the launchAppParameters field of the launch parameter block whose address is passed to the LaunchApplication function. This record specifies the first high-level event to be sent to the newly launched application. The application parameters record is defined by the AppParameters
data type.

TYPE AppParameters = 
      theMsgEvent:      EventRecord;       {event (high-level)}
      eventRefCon:      LongInt;           {reference constant}
      messageLength:    LongInt;           {length of buffer}
      messageBuffer:    ARRAY [0..0] OF SignedByte;
Field Description
The event record specifying the first high-level event to be sent to the launched application.

A reference constant. Your application can use this field for its own purposes.

The length of the buffer specified by the messageBuffer field.

A buffer of data. The nature of this data varies according to the event being sent.

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