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Inside Macintosh: Processes
Chapter 3 - Time Manager / Time Manager Reference
Time Manager Routines /


You can install a task record into the Time Manager task queue using the InsTime procedure.

PROCEDURE InsTime (tmTaskPtr: QElemPtr);
A pointer to an original task record to be installed in the queue.
The InsTime procedure adds the Time Manager task record specified by tmTaskPtr to the Time Manager queue. Your application should fill in the tmAddr field of the task record and should set the tmCount field to 0. The tmTaskPtr parameter must point to an original Time Manager task record.

With the revised and extended Time Managers, you can set tmAddr to NIL if you do not want a task to execute when the delay passed to PrimeTime expires. Also, the revised Time Manager resets the high-order bit of the qType field to 0 when you call InsTime.

The registers on entry and exit for InsTime are:

Registers on entry

A0	Address of the task record
Registers on exit
D0	Result code

noErr	0	No error

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