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Understanding the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key

Q:  What is UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities?

A: UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities is a property list key that indicates the specific hardware features your application requires in order to run on a device. Read the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities section of the Information Property List Key Reference to get a complete list of these keys.

You should only include a key if you absolutely need to limit your application's target devices. Setting a key to false is not the same as leaving out the key. Therefore, each key effectively has three states:

For instance:

Do not add a UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key unless you actively need to restrict installation of your application based on the availability or lack of availability of a device feature.

See the Adding Keys to an Information Property List File section of the Information Property List Key Reference to learn how to add keys to your Info.plist.

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