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Why do I get an

Q:  Why do I get an "Invalid Binary Architecture" email after uploading my app to iTunes Connect?

A: If after uploading your app to iTunes Connect you receive an email or error message stating that your binary has an "Invalid Binary Architecture", your project is likely building as an "Optimized (armv7)" binary, and does not have the armv7 key in the Required Device Capabilities (UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities) key in the project's Info.plist. Adding armv7 is necessary to ensure your app is only displayed for and installed on iOS devices capable of running this optimized binary.

Figure 1 shows the Architectures setting in your Build pane. Figure 2 shows the necessary entry in Info.plist if you build an "Optimized (armv7)" binary.

Figure 1  This project will build an Optimized (armv7)-only binary.
Figure 2  A correctly configured Info.plist entry for projects that build as Optimized (armv7).

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