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AVAudioSession - General recommendations for handling AVAudioSessionMediaServicesWereResetNotification

Q:  Should my application register for AVAudioSessionMediaServicesWereResetNotification and if so, how do I recover once media services were reset?

A: While this is a very rare occurrence, it is good practice to monitor for the AVAudioSessionMediaServicesWereResetNotification notification and if it does occur, take the appropriate steps to re-initialize any audio objects used by your application.

Re-initializing generally requires disposing all of an application's now orphaned audio objects (for example AudioQueue, AURemoteIO, AudioConverter and so on since none of them will function as expected), and re-creating them as if the application was starting up for the first time. Any errors returned during disposing can safely be ignored.

General recommendations for handling a media services reset (AVAudioSessionMediaServicesWereResetNotification):

Upon receiving the AVAudioSessionMediaServicesWereResetNotification notification, applications should:

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