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The beta-reports-active Entitlement

Q:  How do I resolve the "beta-reports-active" code signing error?

A: There are a number of points of consider regarding this error and a couple solutions are discussed below.

No matching provisioning profiles found for "" None of the valid provisioning profiles allowed the specified entitlements: beta-reports-active.

beta-reports-active is a new entitlement added to App Store profiles in September 2014 to allow App Store code signed builds to be tested using iTunes Connect. See App Distribution Guide > Beta Testing Your iOS App > Distributing Your Beta App Using iTunes Connect for more information.

To resolve this error, you need to install an App Store distribution profile within Xcode. Since App Store provisioning profiles are the only profiles containing the beta-reports-active entitlement, the error indicates that an App Store provisioning profile matching your app's bundle identifier couldn't be found in Xcode's local profile library.

Since beta-reports-active was added in September 2014, all App Store profiles that were generated prior to September 2014 must be regenerated to pick up the new entitlement. That can be done by:

  1. On the Certs IDs & Profiles website > Provisioning Profiles page, click the App Store profile.

  2. Click 'Edit'

  3. Click 'Generate'

To create a new App Store profile, click the "+" button on the Distribution Provisioning Profiles page.

After creating or updating your App Store profile, do one of the following to install the updated profile in Xcode:

For more information on App Store provisioning profiles, see App Distribution Guide > About Store Provisioning Profiles.

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