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CFNetwork Diagnostic Logging

Q:  My app makes extensive use of Foundation’s networking classes. When I encounter a problem with that networking, are there any tools to help debug it?

A: When debugging a networking problem, a good place to start is a packet trace. Getting a Packet Trace describes how to get a packet trace on both macOS and iOS.

Packet traces are a very important tool but they have two drawbacks:

Fortunately there is a technique that avoids both of these drawbacks: CFNetwork diagnostic logging. When you enable this feature, CFNetwork will log a lot of useful information about its progress; you can examine those logs to help debug any networking problems you encounter. This feature is supported on both iOS and macOS.

You enable CFNetwork diagnostic logging via the CFNETWORK_DIAGNOSTICS environment variable. This should be set to an integer value from 0 to 3, where 0 is off and higher numbers give you progressively more logging. During normal development you can set this environment variable via Xcode’s scheme editor. When you run your app from Xcode, the CFNetwork log entries will appear in Xcode’s debug console area (if that’s not visible, choose View > Debug Area > Show Debug Area to show it).

Logging Outside of Xcode

If you need to investigate problems outside of Xcode, you can enable CFNetwork diagnostic logging programmatically using the code shown in Listing 1.

Listing 1  Programmatically enabling CFNetwork diagnostic logging

setenv("CFNETWORK_DIAGNOSTICS", "3", 1);

You should do this right at the beginning of the app’s launch sequence. Normally putting this at the start of main is sufficient, but if you have C++ static initialisers that use CFNetwork you’ll have to run it before them.

Oh, and in Swift you can remove the semicolon!

How you get at the resulting log entries depends on your specific situation:

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