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Resetting Privacy Settings in iOS and macOS

Q:  iOS prompted me for access to Contacts when I first launched my app, which uses the NSContactsUsageDescription key. I was not prompted in the subsequent runs of my app. How do I get prompted again?

A: When your app, which uses a purpose string (also called usage description), attempts to access user's data, the system displays a consent alert that allows the user to grant or deny access to them such as the ones shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Figure 1  iOS prompting the user for access to Contacts for the MGContacts app.
Figure 2  macOS prompting the user for access to Contacts for the QuickContacts app.

The consent alert only appears the first time your app asks for permission. To display it again, you must reset privacy settings on your device or system.

Figure 3  Tap Reset Location & Privacy to reset privacy settings.

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