OS X provides a wide variety of APIs and tools for developing web content and applications for the web. There are Web 2.0 technologies for creating and manipulating web content for Safari on the desktop, Safari on iOS, and Dashboard. There are also web client APIs available to Cocoa and Carbon application developers to access web services and display and edit web content in desktop applications. Java is available for web server development. There are also plenty of third-party APIs and tools for web server development available on OS X (such as PHP, Perl, Python, JSP, and MySQL).

OS X also offers a rich set of networking APIs that provide advanced features while maintaining compatibility with open standards. OS X supports networking at all levels of development, from high-level Cocoa applications to the kernel. You can use Apple’s networking APIs to develop software that accomplishes a wide range of networking tasks, from providing access to web services within your application to writing a device driver for a network hardware device.

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Want to create a Dashboard widget?

Want to embed a webpage in your Cocoa application?

Want to create webpages for Safari on any platform?

Want to develop a network application with Core Foundation?

Want to develop a network application with Cocoa?

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Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Accessing web content from a Cocoa application

Writing a Safari plug-in

Using Web Services

Creating a Web Server

Developing Client/Server Network Applications

Developing In-Kernel Networking Software

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The Snow Leopard Reference Library holds plenty more resources that make your job easier. To narrow the list of resources, you can set filters to focus on specific resource types (such as guides or sample code) or on specific topics (such as user experience or data management).