Tools & Languages Starting Point

The Apple Developer toolset provides all the tools you need to develop applications, utilities, and other software for the Mac OS X operating system, as well as widgets and web applications. Major components of the toolset include:


Get Up and Running

For a quick hands-on introduction to the use of Xcode and its graphical design interface, Interface Builder, see Xcode Quick Start Guide.

To learn about all the debugging and performance-tuning instruments available in the Instruments application, as well as how to use the application itself, see Instruments User Guide.

For an introduction to the Objective-C programming language used for Mac OS X development, read, Learning Objective-C: A Primer.

To develop widgets and web applications, see Dashcode User Guide.

Become Proficient

To learn in detail about the features and use of Xcode and Interface Builder, read Xcode Overview.

For more information on Objective-C, read The Objective-C Programming Language and Objective-C Runtime Programming Guide.