Introduction to AppleScript Release Notes

This document describes significant changes to AppleScript and related tools in each version of OS X.

Unless otherwise noted, AppleScript can use a script created in any older version of OS X. A script created using a particular version of OS X may be used on any older version of OS X, provided it does not use features that were unavailable in that version.

You should read this document if you are writing AppleScript code or if you are writing an application that uses AppleScript.

Organization of This Document

Each article in this document covers changes in a major revision of OS X and its updates.

See Also

For introductory information on AppleScript and related technologies, see AppleScript Overview.

For reference documentation on the AppleScript language, see AppleScript Language Guide. The current revision of the Guide incorporates information in these notes up through Mac OS X v10.5, but it may be useful to see exactly when a feature was introduced.