10.11 Changes

This article describes changes to AppleScript and related tools in OS X El Capitan v10.11.

Folder Actions

Folder Actions now reliably notices all added and removed items in an observed folder.

Script Library Locations

AppleScript now has two additional search mechanisms when searching for script libraries:

For complete details, see Creating a Library in the AppleScript Language Guide.


AppleScriptObjC now bridges several more types. As usual with AppleScriptObjC, conversion is automatic when passing an AppleScript object to an Objective-C method; converting an Objective-C object to an AppleScript value requires explicit coercion using as.

Bug Fixes

AppleScript now reliably recognizes constant and enumeration values from Objective-C frameworks. [18778520]

Coercing NSNumber objects to real no longer truncates double-precision numbers to single-precision. (someNSNumber's doubleValue has always worked correctly.) [18819219]

Coercing NSString objects to string now functions the same as coercing to text or Unicode text, preserving all characters. [18098890]

Other Bug Fixes

delay now functions correctly in applets, waiting for the full specified time. [18963858]

Developer Notes

OSACopyScriptingDefinitionFromURL now works correctly if given a file: URL. [14298245]

In an sdef, access-group elements on a suite are now correctly inherited by all the sub-elements, including class-extension elements. [19966017]