iOS 10.1

This article summarizes the key developer-related features introduced in iOS 10.1, which runs on currently shipping iOS devices. The article also lists the documents that describe new features in more detail.

For late-breaking news and information about known issues, see Release Notes at For the complete list of new APIs added in iOS 10.1, see iOS 10.1 API Diffs. For more information on new devices, see iOS Device Compatibility Reference.

To learn about what’s new in Swift, see Swift Language and The Swift Programming Language (Swift 3).

Using CSS Properties to Create Apple Pay Buttons

In iOS 10.1, you can use new CSS properties to create the same Apple Pay buttons for your website that you create for native apps.

For example, to display the standard Apple Pay button that has a black background, set the -webkit-appearance CSS property of an element to -apple-pay-button. Note that the minimum size of this button matches the size of the button you can create using the PKPaymentButton API. You can also specify the standard button appearances by setting the -apple-pay-button-style CSS property to white, white-outline, or black.

To create different button types, such as plain or set-up, set the -apple-pay-button-type to plain, buy, or set-up.

You can also set the language of an Apple Pay button by setting the -webkit-locale CSS property or the lang HTML attribute. For example, to display a button with the text "Buy with Apple Pay" in French, you can use code like this:

<button lang="fr" style="-webkit-appearance: -apple-pay-button; -apple-pay-button-type: buy;"></button>