iOS 5.1

This article summarizes the key developer-related features introduced in iOS 5.1. This version of the operating system runs on current iOS-based devices. In addition to describing the key new features, this article lists the documents that describe those features in more detail.

For late-breaking news and information about known issues, see iOS 5.1 Release Notes. For the complete list of new APIs added in iOS 5.1, see iOS 5.1 API Diffs.

Dictation Support in Text Input Views

On supported devices, iOS automatically inserts recognized phrases into the current text view when the user has chosen dictation input. The new UIDictationPhrase class (declared in UITextInput.h) provides you with a string representing a phrase that a user has dictated. In the case of ambiguous dictation results, the new class provides an array containing alternative strings. New methods in the UITextInput protocol allow your app to respond to the completion of dictation.