iOS 8.3

This article summarizes the key developer-related features introduced in iOS 8.3. This version of the operating system runs on current iOS-based devices. In addition to describing the key new features, this article lists the documents that describe those features in more detail.

For late-breaking news and information about known issues, see iOS 8.3 Release Notes. For the complete list of new APIs added in iOS 8.3, see iOS 8.3 API Diffs.

Apple Pay

You can use a new class, PKPaymentButton, to create buttons that initiate Apple Pay purchases. These buttons are appropriately styled with the Apple Pay logo.

Apple Pay now supports different shipping types, such as “shipping,” “delivery,” “pickup from store,” and “pickup from customer.” You can also now request the user’s name without requesting their address.

For more information on Apple Pay, see Apple Pay Programming Guide; to learn more about PKPaymentButton, see PassKit Framework Reference.


Apps that use Metal now have additional ways to manipulate shader buffers and introspect vertex attribute types:

For more information on Metal, see Metal Programming Guide, Metal Framework Reference, and Metal Shading Language Guide.