Disc Recording Release Notes for OS X v10.5

This release note describes changes to the Disc Recording frameworks from OS X version 10.4


64 Bit

In OS X v10.5, the Disc Recording frameworks are 64-bit, enabling building and running applications using it as 64-bit.

There are a significant number of API changes in Cocoa and Disc Recording to accomodate and enable 64-bit. Please refer to the Foundation Release Notes for macOS 10.13 and iOS 11 for more information on 64-bit for Cocoa.

Garbage Collection

The Disc Recording frameworks have been updated to support garbage collection when used from Objective C.

UDF 2.0

The Disc Recording content creation engine now supports writing UDF 2.0 discs in addition to UDF 1.02 and 1.5

R-W Subchannel Support

Disc Recording now allows clients to specify the R-W subchannel information written to discs. This allows applications to create CDs containing custom graphics data (CD+G) or other application specific uses. R-W subchannel writing is controlled by thekDRSubchannelDataFormKey

DVD-R DL Support

DVD-R Dual Layer burning support has been added as API.

Localization API

DRCopyLocalizedStringForValue is a new API that assists applications using Disc Recording in presenting the correct localized strings to the user for various media types, status and support levels.

CD Text

Several problems having to do with accented characters in CD Text packs have been resolved. Disc Recording now uses the proper Red Book Encoding - ISO Latin 1 Music CD Variant.

Reading and writing CD Text has been generally improved to handle more combinations of languages and character sets.

Disk Image handling

A resource leak that would leave a disk image file open and un-deletable if burned using -[ DRBurn layoutForImageFile:] has been fixed.