Using AVAudioEngine for Playback, Mixing and Recording (AVAEMixerSample)

Last Revision:
Version 2.3, 2017-03-23
handleMediaServicesReset now configures AVAudioSession per QA1749
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Build Requirements:
iOS 10 SDK, Xcode Version 8.2.x
Runtime Requirements:
iOS 10 SDK

AVAEMixerSample demonstrates playback, recording and mixing using AVAudioEngine.

* Uses AVAudioFile and AVAudioPCMBuffer objects with a AVAudioPlayerNode to play audio. * Creates an AVAudioSequencer to play MIDI files using the AVAudioUnitSampler instrument. * Illustrates one-to-many connections (AVAudioConnectionPoint) using the connect:toConnectionPoints: API. * Demonstrates connecting and applying effects using both the AVAudioUnitReverb and AVAudioUnitDistortion. * Captures mixed or processed audio to a file via a node tap.