Last Revision:
Version 1.0, 2015-01-24
Started with MetalBasic3D sample and added lots of spinning cubes to demonstrate Metal instancing API.
Build Requirements:
Runtime Requirements:
iOS 8, 64 Bit device

This example renders a set of cubes using Metal and alternates their colors by modifying each cube's uniforms directly in the shared CPU/GPU memory buffer. Several parameters can be modified directly in the file including the number of cubes and their size. The cubes are rendered into a helix path using spherical coordinate system to get x,y,z for the translation matrix. Each cube is renderered individually using a basic 3D phong lighting shader, but drawn in only a single draw call using Metal's instancing API. Note, for each frame, each cube's transformation matrix is update along with its color, therefore in each frame the sample must traverese through 2n cubes.