PhotoPicker: Using UIImagePickerController to Select Pictures and Take Photos

Last Revision:
Version 4.2, 2018-01-11
Updated to iOS 11 SDK, converted to Swift, storyboard changes to support iPhone X.
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Build Requirements:
iOS 11.1 SDK or later
Runtime Requirements:
iOS 10.0 or later

PhotoPicker demonstrates choosing images from the photo library, take a picture with the camera, and customizing the camera view. This is done by using UIImagePickerController. The chosen image or camera photo is displayed in a UIImageView.

To customize the camera's interface, this sample shows how to use an overlay view. With this overlay view it gives you the ability to customize the UI as you take a picture.

Among the custom features of the camera is to take a single picture, timed picture, or repeated pictures like a camera with a fast shutter speed. Timed and shutter speed camera shots are done using the NSTimer class.