# PotLoc: CoreLocation with iPhone and Apple Watch
This sample demonstrates what you can do with CoreLocation, Apple Watch, and iPhone in iOS 10. WatchKit 3.0 apps can make use of standalone location functionality, or they can delegate location use to their parent app on iPhone. This sample provides a working demonstration of each kind of use, and a handy reference for developing more complicated interactions.
## Build Requirements
Xcode 8.0 or later; iOS 10.0 SDK or later; watchOS 3.0 SDK or later
## Runtime Requirements
iOS 10.0 or later; watchOS 3.0 or later
## About Potloc
Potloc is a sample app for iOS and Watch OS 3.0 that demonstrates the basics on how to request location on Apple Watch and/or on iPhone.
Potloc demonstrates how to:
+ Request a single location using Apple Watch's CoreLocation framework
+ Start and stop updating location on iPhone using the WatchConnectivity framework
+ Start location updates on iPhone from Apple Watch while iPhone's app is in the background
+ Display location information as complications on the Apple Watch
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