Last Revision:
Version 1.1, 2005-10-27
Updated to produce a universal binary. No code changes were required. Separately, updated comments and code flow to improve readability and consistency.
Build Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4, Xcode 2.1, gcc 4.0
Runtime Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4 or greater

SampleD consists of two programs designed to demonstrate the use of the Apple System Logger (ASL) API as well as the basic construction and behavior of a launchd daemon. "SampleD" is a basic launchd daemon that, when instantiated by launchd, will listen on a socket indefinitely. Launchd takes care of registering the socket before the daemon is even launched, so all this code needs to do is accept any incoming connections and then write a message to them. This code also demonstrates how to use Apple System Logger APIs to construct and issue well formatted logging information to the syslogd server. "Report" is a program that demonstrates the use of ASL to query the syslogd server for log messages created by the SampleD daemon.