Last Revision:
Version 1.3, 2010-10-20
Updated 1_TapToZoom to use Interface Builder for UI objects. Removed TapDetectingImageView class since the sample no longer requires it.
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Build Requirements:
iOS SDK 4.1 or later
Runtime Requirements:
iOS 4.0 or later

A series of examples that illustrate how to use UIScrollView.

1_TapToZoom demonstrates:

* Fitting the image to the screen on launch

* Detecting single, double, and two-finger taps using UIGestureRecognizers

* Zooming in response to taps

2_Autoscroll adds a thumbnail scroll view, and demonstrates:

* Use of the canCancelContentTouches property to track moving touches in a subview of a scroll view

* How to implement autoscrolling in response to a subview being dragged

3_Tiling demonstrates:

* How to subclass UIScrollView to add content tiling

* Reusing tiles to optimize performance and memory use

* Changing the resolution of the content in response to zooming