Last Revision:
Version 2.06, 2010-11-08
Updated Xcode project.
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Build Requirements:
Xcode 3.2 Mac OS 10.6 SDK
Runtime Requirements:
Mac OS 10.5+, QuickTime 7 and a FireWire capable Macintosh DV Camera.

SimpleVideoOut demonstrates how QuickTime Video Output Components can be used to play video out to hardware. A common use would be playing a DV stream (.dv file) using QuickTime's FireWire Video Output Component and recording it on your handy dandy DV camera.

The main component of this example is an easy to use class which encapsulates the basic set of functions required to use QuickTime Video Output Components.

A companion to this sample for component developers is the SoftVideoOutputComponent sample which demonstrates how to implement an actual Video Output Component, and even includes a Transfer Codec for handling custom Pixel Formats.