Last Revision:
Version 1.4.3, 2014-02-12
Updated for iOS 7 SDK. Removed use of deprecated AudioSession, now using AVAudioSession.
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Build Requirements:
iOS 7.0 SDK
Runtime Requirements:
iOS 7.0 or later

The avTouch sample demonstrates use of the AVAudioPlayer class for basic audio playback.

The code in avTouch uses the AV Foundation framework to play a file containing AAC audio data. The application uses Core Graphics and OpenGL to display sound volume meters during playback.

This application shows how to:

* Create an AVAudioPlayer object from an input audio file.

* Use OpenGL and Core Graphics to display metering levels.

* Use Audio Session Services to set an appropriate audio session category for playback.

* Use the AVAudioPlayer interruption delegate methods to pause playback upon receiving an interruption, and to then resume playback if the interruption ends.

* Demonstrates a technique to perform Fast Forward and Rewind

avTouch does not demonstrate how to play multiple files, nor does it demonstrate more advanced use of AV Foundation.