Browser Interface Features

The user interface features of an NSBrowser can be changed in a number of ways. The NSBrowser may or may not have a horizontal scroller. (The NSBrowser’s columns, by contrast, always have vertical scrollers—although a scroller’s buttons and knob might be invisible if the column doesn’t contain many entries.) You generally shouldn’t create an NSBrowser without a horizontal scroller; if you do, you must make sure the bounds rectangle of the NSBrowser is wide enough that all the columns can be displayed. An NSBrowser’s columns may be bordered and titled, bordered and untitled, or unbordered and untitled. A column’s title may be taken from the selected entry in the column to its left, or may be provided explicitly by the NSBrowser or its delegate.

Figure 1 shows an example of a an NSBrowser.

Figure 1  Browser example
Browser example

These are some aspects of the user interface shown in Figure 1: