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Instruments User Guide

About Data Analysis

Instruments doesn’t fix problems with your code. It helps you better understand what your code is doing by capturing detailed statistics as your app runs and presenting them to you for analysis. Since every app is different, the actual steps for finding and resolving problems vary. Therefore, you must learn how to interpret the information Instruments collects by filtering out data you don’t need, and drilling down into data that’s relevant to your app. You must then perform some detective work to correlate any data you identify to the code in your app so you can make improvements.

After performing a trace, you can examine the collected data in the timeline pane, the detail pane, and the extended detail area (image: ../Art/instruments_extendeddetail_button_inline_2x.png) of the inspector pane, as shown in Figure 10-1.

Figure 10-1A trace document containing collected data image: ../Art/instruments_trace_document_withdata_2x.png