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Core Animation Instrument


Instrument Description

The Core Animation instrument captures information on selected animation statistics. It can record information from a single process or from all processes running on the system.

Supported Platforms


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Core Animation Profiling Template

Timeline Pane

The timeline pane displays the following information, based on the instrument’s configuration:

Column name



The number of frames drawn every second.

Record Settings

Click the Record Settings button (image: ../Art/instruments_recordsettings_button_inline_2x.png) in the inspector pane to customize the following recording options.

Statistics to Observe

Select a statistic to see it monitored and displayed in the timeline and detail panes. Click the shape or the color well to change how a statistic is represented.

Select statistics to list

Select the statistics to be displayed in the Statistics to Observe area.



Orphaned Non Reusable Vid Memory Count

Texture Page Out Bytes

Swap Complete Video Wait Time

Orphaned Reusable Sys Memory Hit Rate

Data Buffer Count

Ool Texture Page In Bytes

Texture Count

Surface Read Lock Idle Wait Time

Iosurface Texture Creation Count

Free Data Buffer Wait Time

Orphaned Reusable Sys Memory Bytes

Io Surface Read Out Bytes

Agpref Texture Creation Count

Orphaned Non Reusable Sys Memory Count

Io Surface Page Out Bytes

Surface Buffer Read Out Bytes

Surface Texture Creation Count

Texture Read Out Bytes

Gart Map In Bytes Per Sample

Data Bytes Per Sample

Swap Bytes Per Sample

Surface Count

Surface Count

Device Unit 0 Utilization %

Surface Copy In Wait Time

Gart Map Out Bytes Per Sample

Io Surface Page In Bytes

Gart Cache Bytes

Volatile Surface Count

Vram Eviction Wait Time

Ool Texture Creation Bytes

Free To Alloc GPUAddress Wait Time

Orphaned Reusable Vid Memory Bytes

Orphaned Reusable Vid Memory Count

Device Unit 1 Utilization %

Ool Texture Creation Count

Context2 DCount

In Use Sys Memory Bytes

Buffer Swap Count

Orphaned Non Reusable Vid Memory Bytes

Finish2 DWait Time

Context GLCount

Gart Size Bytes

Device Unit 2 Utilization

Recovery Count

Std Texture Page In Bytes

Agpref Texture Creation Bytes

Gart Used Bytes

Surface Write Lock Idle Wait Time

Finish GLWait Time

Surface Buffer Page In Bytes

Finish CLWait Time

Finish Video Wait Time

Iosurface Texture Creation Bytes

Context CLCount

Device Unit 3 Utilization %

Free Surface Backing Wait Time

Orphaned Non Reusable Sys Memory Bytes

Swap Complete GLWait Time

In Use Vid Memory Bytes

Agp Texture Creation Bytes

Std Texture Creation Bytes

Agp Texture Creation Count

Std Texture Creation Count

Surface Set Shape Idle Wait Time

Gart Free Bytes

Buffer Flip Count

Hardware Submit Wait Time

Swap Complete2 DWait Time

Texture Volunteer Unload Bytes

Context Video Count

Surface Buffer Page Out Bytes

Hardware Wait Time

Free Surface Swap Buffer Wait Time

Orphaned Reusable Vid Memory Hit Rate

Display Settings

Click the Display Settings button (image: ../Art/instruments_displaysettings_button_inline_2x.png) in the inspector pane to customize the following display settings.

Sampling Rate

Set how often the instrument records information. The slider allows sampling from 1/10th of a second to 1 second in 1/10th of a second increments. The text field allows for other 1/10th increments. The default value is 10/10th of a second.

Track Display Settings

These settings control how information is displayed in the timeline pane.





How information is presented.

  • Block Graph: Information is presented as a horizontal line until the information changes. The area under the line is filled by the statistic’s designated color.

Debug Options

  • Color Blended Layers

  • Color Hits Green and Misses Red

  • Color Copied Images

  • Color Immediately

  • Color Misaligned Images

  • Color Offscreen-Rendered Yellow

  • Color Compositing Fast-Path Blue

  • Flash Updated Regions

Detail Pane Columns

The columns displayed in this pane are based on the statistics enabled in the Statistics to Observe area.