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Energy Usage Log Instrument


Instrument Description

The Energy Usage Log instrument captures high-level and generalized information about energy usage on a device since startup.

Supported Platforms


Related Profiling Templates

Energy Log Profiling Template

Timeline Pane

The timeline pane displays the current energy usage in a bar chart on a scale of 0-20, indicating how much energy your app is using at any given time. These numbers are subjective. If your app’s energy usage level is occasionally high, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your app has a problem. Your app may simply require more energy for some of the tasks it performs. For example, it may use the GPS while performing complex network operations. This is valid energy use. What you should look for are spikes or areas of high energy use that are unexpected or that could be performed at more optimal times.

Record Settings

This instrument doesn’t have any record settings you can configure.

Display Settings

Click the Display Settings button (image: ../Art/instruments_displaysettings_button_inline_2x.png) in the inspector pane to customize the following display settings.

Track Display Settings

These settings control how information is displayed in the timeline pane.





How information is presented. This is a fixed setting, which can’t be changed.

  • Energy Consumption: Numeric representation of the current energy usage.

Detail Pane Columns

Energy Consumption Detail Type

The following energy consumption columns are available in the detail pane.

Column name



The time the state change occurred.

Energy Usage Level

Relative energy usage on a scale of 0-20.

Power Source Events Detail Type

The following power source events columns are available in the detail pane.

Column name



The time the state event occurred.


The event that occurred.