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What’s New

This document continues to cover the 1.4 release of Apple News Format.

This release also includes a set of 1.5 release features designed for iOS 11 beta. These features add more authoring capabilities to existing components.

For a list of changes in this document, see Revision History.

New Features Supported in iOS 11 Beta

Following is a list of new features supported in iOS 11 beta.

  • Linking to Components: Using either Link Addition or HTML Markup for Apple News Format, you can now create links to an article’s components.

  • Dynamic Ads in Between Paragraphs: Dynamic advertisements can now be placed between paragraphs in a component with the role of body. See Advertising Settings.

  • Column Gutter and Document Margin Settings: New column gutter and document margin units provide more control of spacing within your article. See Units of Measure for Components.

  • Collection Display Definition: The new collection display definition provides control over what happens when the available device width is insufficient for all the items to fit side-by-side. See Collection Display.

Previewing the iOS 11 Beta Features

To preview these new features in the News Preview app or on a device, you need to have the following software versions installed:

Once you install the beta software listed above, you can use all features of Apple News Format.