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Apple News Format Reference

What’s New

This document covers the 1.5 release of Apple News Format.

For a list of changes in this document, see Revision History.

New Features Supported in iOS 11

Following is a list of new features supported in iOS 11.

  • Data Tables: Using a Data Table component or HTML Table component, you can now show rows and columns of data in an article.

  • Aside Component: News personalization will ignore text in the Aside component, helping you find and develop the most engaged audiences for your articles.

  • Linking to Components: Using either Link Addition or HTML Markup for Apple News Format, you can now create links to an article’s components.

  • Dynamic Ads in Between Paragraphs: Dynamic advertisements can now be placed between paragraphs in a component with the role of body. See Advertising Settings.

  • Column Gutter and Document Margin Settings: New column gutter and document margin units provide more control of spacing within your article. See Units of Measure for Components.

  • Collection Display: The new collection display definition provides control over what happens with components inside an Aside, Container, Chapter, Header, or Section component, when the available device width is insufficient for all the items to fit side-by-side. See Collection Display.