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Business Chat Specifications

About Business Chat

Business Chat connects businesses with their customers to answer questions, schedule appointments, make payments with Apple Pay, and more. Business Chat makes the connection with customers possible by integrating with the business’s existing customer contact center.

With Business Chat, a customer discovers a business using Apple apps, services, and features (for example, Siri, Maps, Safari, and Spotlight), then chats with the business using the Messages app on their Apple device.

Business Chat routes messages between a customer and a business using the Business Chat Server. The server exchanges messages with the business by way of a Customer Service Platform (CSP), which is a web service implemented by the business or a third party. The CSP provides an abstraction layer between the Business Chat Server and the business’s customer contact center. Using the CSP, Business Chat can support any customer contact center in use by businesses. All a business needs to do to take advantage of Business Chat is select a CSP that works with their existing contact center.