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macOS Human Interface Guidelines



A well-designed app incorporates branding in subtle, memorable ways that don’t overwhelm or annoy users.

Make sure branding is subordinate to the user’s content and the main task. People don’t use an app to learn more about a related product or company, so keep branding elements unobtrusive. For example, consider using the relevant colors from the company logo throughout the UI, or using recognizable brand elements as the basis for custom toolbar icons.

As much as possible, make your app into a brand. Strive to create an app brand, rather than just displaying company branding in an app. One way to do this is to develop a subtle design language that you use consistently throughout your app. Allow this language to guide your use of color, shape, terminology, movement, and behavior so that users perceive your app as a coherent statement. For example, the consistent visual language and user experience in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers create a recognizable app brand.

Create a memorable app icon. Your app icon is the place where branding elements can take center stage. If your app is associated with a well-known brand, or if your app represents a brand, incorporate its visual elements in your app icon. For additional guidelines on icon creation, see Designing App Icons.