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Cutscene Page Manifest

The Manifest.plist file for a cutscene page contains the following key-value pairs specifying the attributes for a cutscene:

  • Cutscene start page

  • User-viewable name for the cutscene

The file is located at the top level of the .cutscenepage folder for the page.

Key List

Table 4-1 describes each key for a cutscene page, its type, and whether the key is required.

Table 4-1Keys for a cutscene page







The file path for the main page of a cutscene. See CutsceneReference Key.



The name displayed in the user interface. See Name Key.

CutsceneReference Key

The file path to the main HTML file for a cutscene. The file path is relative to the PrivateResources folder of the cutscene page; this folder must contain the HTML file.

Name Key

The display name of the cutscene page in the user interface; for example, the name of a cutscene in the table of contents.

In Figure 4-1, Introduction is used as the name of the cutscene page in the table of contents.

Figure 4-1Cutscene page in the table of contents image: ../Art/SP_manifest_cutscene_Name_TOC_2x.png