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Playground Book Format Reference

About the Glossary

An optional glossary adds a list of terms and definitions to a playground book.

Users can access your glossary in two ways:

  • Open the full glossary from the Tools menu

  • Open a popover with the definition of a single term from a link on a playground page

The user opens the glossary by tapping Glossary in the Tools menu as shown in Figure 12-1.

Figure 12-1Tools menu image: ../Art/SP_glossary_tools_menu_2x.png

Figure 12-2 shows a view of the full glossary from Learn to Code 1.

Figure 12-2Playground book glossary image: ../Art/SP_glossary_2x.png

Figure 12-3 shows a playground page where the word “bug” links to the related glossary term. The popover with the glossary term definition is shown after the user taps the link.

Figure 12-3Glossary link and popover image: ../Art/SP_glossary_popover_2x.png