Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to App Programming Guide for iOS.


Described how to get user-specified restrictions on media ratings and included PushKit usage in guidance for VoIP apps.


Added descriptions, in the Supporting User Privacysection, for the following data and resource types: Contacts, Health sharing, Health updating, HomeKit, Motion, Siri, Speech recognition, and TV Provider. See Table 1-2.


Described how to get user-specified restrictions on media ratings and included PushKit usage in guidance for VoIP apps.


Reorganized the content and removed outdated information.


Changed the name of the book from iOS App Programming Guide.


Removed information about legacy techniques for specifying app icons and launch images. Relevant information moved to the corresponding key descriptions in Information Property List Key Reference.


Added the Understanding When Your App Gets Launched into the Background section to provide guidance about what technologies cause an app to be launched automatically.


Fixed numerous bugs in the existing content.


Added links to the Japanese smartphone privacy initiatives.


Added information about new background execution modes and about app icon sizes in iOS 7.


Added a section about privacy best practices.


Added explicit information about how to support iPhone 5.


Contains information about new features in iOS 6.


Added information about the NSURL and CFURL keys used to prevent a file from being backed up.


Updated the section that describes the behavior of apps in the background.


Added information about features introduced in iOS 5.0.


Reorganized book and added more design-level information.


Added high-level information about iCloud and how it impacts the design of applications.


Added information about using AirPlay in the background.


Made minor editorial changes.


Incorporated additional iPad-related design guidelines into this document.


Updated the information about how keychain data is preserved and restored.


Fixed several typographical errors and updated the code sample on initiating background tasks.


Updated the guidance related to specifying application icons and launch images.


Changed the title from iPhone Application Programming Guide.


Reorganized the book so that it focuses on the design of the core parts of your application.


Added information about how to support multitasking in iOS 4 and later. For more information, see App Icons.


Updated the section describing how to determine what hardware is available.


Added information about how to support devices with high-resolution screens.


Incorporated iPad-related information.


Made minor corrections.


Updated the “Multimedia Support” chapter with improved descriptions of audio formats and codecs.


Moved the iPhone specific Info.plist keys to Information Property List Key Reference.


Updated the “Multimedia Support” chapter for iOS 3.1.


Added information about using the compass interfaces.


Moved information about OpenGL support to OpenGL ES Programming Guide for iOS.


Updated the list of supported Info.plist keys.


Updated for iOS 3.0


Added code examples to "Copy and Paste Operations" in the Event Handling chapter.


Added a section on keychain data to the Files and Networking chapter.


Added information about how to display map and email interfaces.


Made various small corrections.


Fixed several typos and clarified the creation process for child pages in the Settings application.


Added guidance about floating-point math considerations


Updated information related to what is backed up by iTunes.


Reorganized the contents of the book.


Moved the high-level iOS information to iOS Technology Overview.


Moved information about the standard system URL schemes to Apple URL Scheme Reference.


Moved information about the development tools and how to configure devices to Tools Workflow Guide for iOS.


Created the Core Application chapter, which now introduces the application architecture and covers much of the guidance for creating iPhone applications.


Added a Text and Web chapter to cover the use of text and web classes and the manipulation of the onscreen keyboard.


Created a separate chapter for Files and Networking and moved existing information into it.


Changed the title from iPhone OS Programming Guide.


New document that describes iOS and the development process for iPhone applications.